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About Portable Beverage Dispensers

These fantastic portable chillers will chill beer, water, wine or any other beverage as it is served. Made of high quality components by Lindr in the 'land of beer' (Czech Republic), these chillers will provide you with years of reliable service. A few of their many benefits include:
  • Portable—take them anywhere there is 120V power as a grab handle on top or sides of the machines enable them to be carried and moved with ease
  • Fast—since the beverage is chilled inline as it passes through the chiller you don't need hours of chilling ahead of time, it is ready to serve within 2-4 minutes after being switched on 
  • Rugged—being designed for professional cooling they will give years of dependable service
  • Powerful—they have a continuous cooling performance of  20-40l/hr (5-10gal/hr)
  • Effective—a directly cooled tap means beer stays chilled right to the glass
  • Beautiful—Made with stainless steel to provide durability and a beautiful appearance
  • Versatile—a stainless steel drip tray and an adjustable temperature control with 7 different settings

Lindr offers a 2 year warranty on all their chillers. For inquiries contact us using the form below.

Portable Beverage Dispensers
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